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“Helping Hurting People through the Sufficiency of God’s Word”

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We believe the Bible is more than a book of facts, but truths that are intended to make a difference. God intends biblical truth to touch every area of our lives. There are times we face moments when the truths of the Bible don’t seem to make a difference. And we ask:

  • Can the Bible’s hope really speak to my depression?
  • Can the Bible’s peace really speak to my anxiety?
  • Can the Bible’s love change even my marriage?
  • Can the Bible’s word release me from the torment of addictions or substance abuse ?
At FAITH Church, we believe that the Bible speaks to all of life’s problems, but sometimes everyone needs the careful thought and prayerful wisdom of another who can help us make the connection that makes a difference

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FAITH Church

Is committed to equipping the believers to do the work of the ministry (Eph4:11-12) rather than just watching the pastoral staff do it for them. We believe that other godly, gifted believers who know their Bibles, and how to apply biblical truth to specific life issues, can effectively counsel others (“ I am satisfied that you yourselves are rich in goodness filled with all spiritual knowledge and competent to admonish and counsel and instruct on another also.” Rom. 15:14). All of our counselors have been taking training in biblical counseling. Our counseling team is headed by a certified Biblical counselor, through “The Association of Certified Counselors (ACBC)”. We are continually training others to be effective counselors. Part of the training includes the opportunity to observe another counselor in actual counseling sessions. Because of this ministry model we ask that you agree to allow a person or a couple who is in training to sit in on your counseling sessions, for the purpose of prayer, training and observation

Helping Hurting People through the Sufficiency of God’s Word.



Biblical Counselor training  

We offer Biblical counseling training courses throughout the year to equip you to help people solve problems God’s way. Our goal is to prepare you to council in a ministry within your own church.

These courses are appropriated for Pastors, Deacons, as well as individuals interested in the counseling process. (Rom. 15:14). Cost for this nine week introductory course is $150.00, plus materials. Call 615-812-1312 for more information.

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