Mon PM (6:30)  

  • Chris . . . “Practicing the Word” (Conf. Rm.)

The purpose of this class is to equip anyone who is interested in not only learning more about the Bible but how to communicate it effectively.  Pastor Chris will lead this class for MEN and WOMEN that will be a catalyst for growing our leadership here at Faith Church.

  • Examine differing styles of teaching and evaluate the most effective ways to engage an audience
  • Discover personal communication style and learn principles and helpful hints in public speaking
  • Be assigned various portions of scripture to read, study, and teach in a class-room style forum
  • Learn how to use Bible dictionaries, commentaries, and other study helps
  • Learn how to use PowerPoint in teaching

If you are interested in learning how to be an effective communicator of God’s Word,                                       this class is open to all and will be very helpful for seasoned veterans or beginners.


Tues AM (9:30)

  • Sally . . . “Lord, Change My Attitude” (LADIES ONLY)    (MC 4)

Lord, Change My Attitude Before It’s Too Late is classic James MacDonald: bold, practical, and communicated in a way designed to set readers free from the negativity that erodes happiness. This includes study application questions in each chapter to help readers identify the attitudes of the heart that need change in order for God’s abundance to flow. While patterns of thinking won’t always change overnight, Pastor MacDonald shows readers how to begin to recognize wrong attitudes and work on replacing them with the right ones.


Wed PM (6.30)

  • Chris R . . . “Biblical Foundations”  (MC4)
Ours is a day in which an increasing number of professing Christians are biblically illiterate. We pray that the Lord will use this series as one step to fix that problem. It is our hope that these studies will help you to become grounded in the basic, life–changing truths Scripture.    Topics include:  **Salvation – Assurance – Confession – Communion & Baptism –                       Word of God – Prayer – The Church – Temptation – Holy Spirit – Sanctification – Stewardship – Evangelism


Wed PM (6.30)

  • Mark Robinson . . . “How to Use the Bible for Everyday Life” (MC 1)
Applying the Bible is the duty of all Christians. If we don’t apply it, the Bible becomes nothing more to us than a normal book, an impractical collection of old manuscripts. That’s why Paul says, “Whatever you have learned or received or heard from me, or seen in me—put it into practice. And the God of peace will be with you” (Philippians 4:9). When we apply the Bible, God Himself will be with us.
  • Sue Riggle . . . “Lord Change My Attitude“ (LADIES ONLY)  (Cafe)
See Previous Description for this class
  • Mike Hupp . . . “Lessons from Legends” (MC 3)
Some of the greatest biographies of history are recorded right in the pages of Scripture. The Bible tells the true stories of men and women whose names are still familiar to us today             because of their legendary accomplishments for God.  The lessons included are gleaned from the lives of the following legends of history: Joshua–Training for Leadership Caleb–Mountain Claiming Barnabas–The Encourager John–The Beloved Jeremiah–Heart of Compassion Ruth–From Defeat to Victory Job–Trusting in Tribulations Samson–Wasted Potential Centurion–The Man Who Amazed Jesus Esther–Found Faithful Elisha–A Double Portion Joseph–Living Like Jesus Jonathan–True Friendship
  • Greg Smith. . . . “Battle Plan for Prayer”
  • (Pastor Chris Office)
Develop a deeper walk with God as you seek the Lord for your battles first.The Battle Plan for Prayer Bible Studyequips believers to create their own prayer strategy and be specific and strategic in prayer. This study features teaching by Alex and Stephen Kendrick on the topics of: what prayer is and is not, why God wants us to pray, specific areas of prayer, specific  strategies for prayer, and more.
  • Adam & Sarah Goodwin . . . Old Testament Bible Study (1st Samuel) (Conf Room)
A study through an in-depth look at this historical period beginning with the miraculous birth of Samuel, continuing through Saul’s crowning as Israel’s first king, and concluding with his tragic death. Studies include close-up examinations of Hannah, Eli, Saul, David, and Jonathan, as well as careful considerations of doctrinal themes such as “Slaying a Giant” and “Respecting God’s Anointed.”
  • Darren & Amber DeVore . . . New Testament Bible Study (Galatians) (MC2)
An urgent letter to the early churches in Asia Minor, Galatians expresses Paul’s concern for the spiritual welfare of the early believers.  The central doctrine of Christianity was being undermined and confusion was growing as false teachers attempt to salvage the truth and integrity of the gospel, Paul penned Galatians-a book that would encourage hundreds of  generations of Christians to remain steadfast in their faith. While contrasting grace and law, faith and works, Paul defends the theological and practical implications of Christianity and encourages believers- then and now- to live a holy life that bears much fruit.
  • Russ Weymouth . . . “Finishing Strong”  (MEN ONLY)  (Pastor Russ’ office)

In a road race it doesn’t matter if you stumble at the start or lag behind the leaders. Finishing is what matters! Similarly, endurance means hanging in there for your family and Lord. Learn how to avoid the common pitfalls that knock you out of the race, and you’ll “go the distance” with character and honor.