Leadership and Staff

The leadership of FAITH Church is elder-governed, pastor-led, and deacon-supported.  


Pastors, or shepherd-teachers (Eph. 4), are called men of God to lead and equip the saints for ministry and service.  They lead by example and provide biblical instruction (2 Tim. 3:16-17).  These called men, into vocational ministry, also serve as Elders; although not all pastors will be elders.

Elders are the overseers (bishops) of ministry described by Paul in 1 Timothy 3.  Their responsibilities and qualifications are very similar to those of a servant/deacon with the added duty of teaching.  Together they shepherd, govern, teach, and counsel the people of FAITH Church in accordance to God’s Word, our Statement of Beliefs, and Covenant Agreement.

The primary difference in deacons and elders is in function and role.  The deacons serve the physical or practical areas of ministry, whereas the elders of FAITH Church serve alongside the pastors in providing spiritual leadership and accountability to each other and to the body. 

       A physically-older, spiritually-mature, biblically-qualified, relationally-respected man in the local church.

-Regarding the role of elders, 1 Timothy 3:1-7 says that the desire to serve as an elder is a noble ambition. 
-The key character traits include integrity, marital faithfulness, clear thinking, self-control, respectfulness, hospitality, and the ability to teach. 
-Disqualifications include the misuse of alcohol, a violent nature, an argumentative disposition, and greed. 
-The elder must also lead his family well and not be a recent convert. 


Further, this passage is directed to men, indicating that elders were always male in the early church. There is also an emphasis on a plurality of elders (more than one church leader per location), reflective of the elders who served as local leaders in the Old Testament Jewish culture (Acts 14:23; 15:2; 20:17; Titus 1:5; James 5:14).



  1. Shepherd the flock of God (1 Pet. 5.1-4)
    1. Oversee ministry (and ministry personnel)
    2. Sets the direction (communicates, protects vision)
    3. Decision-makers
    4. Humble examples, not harsh dictators
 2.    Protect and Serve (Acts 20.28-31)
   a.  From within the body (Acts 15.1-2)
   b.  From outside the fellowship (2 Pet. 2.1-3)


1.  Shepherd the flock of God (1 Pet. 5.1-4)

  • Oversee ministry (and ministry personnel)
  • Sets the direction (communicates, protects vision)
  • Decision-makers
  • Humble examples, not harsh dictators

 2.    Protect and Serve (Acts 20.28-31)

  •  From within the body (Acts 15.1-2)
  •  From outside the fellowship (2 Pet. 2.1-3)
church elders
3.  Pray for the sick (James 5.14) 
4.  Teach the Word
    • Not necessarily all preachers/proclaimers
    • Truth-sharers, able to apply scripture to life

What is a deacon?  

A servant or minister

Where do deacons come from       Acts 6:1-7

“While disciples were increasing in number . . .”

  • A complaint arose
  • Word of God was neglected
  • Unity was disrupted
  • Momentum of spiritual growth was halted
servant leadership

What is the purpose of a deacon?

  1. Meet the physical needs of the church
    1. Due to the exceeding growth of the early church, the few deacons probably organized many other Christians in the church to ensure that the work would be done.     Important: Physical/Spiritual well-being; witness to outsiders
2.  To promote unity of the body
a.  Cannot have deacons who are unhappy with the church or its leaders
b.  Cannot listen, adhere to, agree with, tolerate, or participate in any factious behavior/speech (not an advocate to other’s causes or argue for their way)

Whoever deacons me must follow me; and where I am, my deacon also will be.” (Jn. 12:26)

Also, “whoever wants to be great, must be your deacon.” (Mk. 9:35)

And, “the greatest among you will be your deacon.” (Mt. 23:11, Mk. 10:43, Lk. 22:26-27)

3.  Support the ministry of the Word
a.  Help with the responsibilities that the main teachers cannot perform
b.  Encourages and supports the ministry of the pastors


Deacons are NOT . . .

  • A board of directors; separate power block OR second house of legislature

 Deacons ARE . . .

  • Full of the Spirit, wisdom, faith (Acts 6:3, 5) . . . . Encouragers, Peace-makers, Servants

Faith Church Elders

Chris Rouse (Pastor/Elder)      John Catron 

Billy Fuqua (Pastor/Elder)        Michael Hupp       


Current Faith Church Deacons

Chris McMurtry                  Matt McKaskle                               

Herman Daughtry              James Brackin           

Dave McBride                     Wayne McDougal 

Jerry Ozmon                      Les Turner

Darren DeVore                   Todd Riggle

Carl Kimble                        Jon Franklin