Archived Sermons
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James  Join us as we examine 108 verses in the book of James as he addresses the trials his brothers and sisters are facing in the world, and sets out practical approaches to Christian living for the people of God.
Vision Sermons Watch as we start every year with a renewed vision for Gods people and His Church. 
Exodus: God Reveals, God Rescues  Join us as we study the book of Exodus and follow the story of Moses and the people of Israel beginning with their days as slaves in Egypt, to the call of Moses and the plagues of God’s judgment, to their journey through the desert, and ending with their time around Mt. Horeb. 
Abide  Watch as we explore the first epistle of John.  Through love and fellowship with God we will explore true communion with God,  true spiritual regeneration, and differences Christians should see in the world. 
Winter Wednesdays Guest Speakers  Join Guest Speakers on various subjects as we worship together and open the Word on Wednesday nights throughout the winter months. 
Generous Givers  You were created for a relationship with God.  In this sermon series we explore what keeps us from a true relationship with God.  Are you too busy, scared, stressed, or hurried?  Find out what scripture says about these things keeping us from intimacy with Christ. 
Growing in Knowing Him  This second epistle of Peter urges readers to make every effort to grow in their faith, to remember that the promises of God  are trustworthy, and to beware those who teach otherwise. 
The Church has left the Building  God’s plan for the church is to GO!  Go so that the unchurched can see Jesus through you. In this sermon series we explore how we are called to be ambassadors for Christ.  What does that look like to live and love like Jesus?  What does it look like to share the Gospel with others?  Find out through this series!
1 Peter: Living as Sojourners and Exiles  We as Christians just don’t fit in, and it wasn’t that easy for the first-century church either. Christians are suffering all over the world and need to know why. They need to know how to deal with it. They need to know how to live. Join us as we explore the first epistle of Peter as we learn to testify to the truth of Christ and live accordingly. 
Hard Sayings of Jesus  In this series, we tackle Biblical passages of Jesus’ words that often confuse readers.  Join us as we break down and examine these passages with background information to clarify just what Jesus was trying to say.  
Savior of the World  How does Christmas save? Christmas is the beginning of the divine plan of redemption, God’s rescue mission to save us from sin and death and the starting place is with Jesus, born to save us from sin and death.  Join us as we examine justification, reconciliation, and incarnation through Jesus Christ. 
True or False  In this sermon series, we explore different religions throughout the world.  We will explore what is taught through each religion and compare them to what God’s Word has to say about those beliefs. Join us for this very informative and equipping sermon series that gives us  viable information that we need to navigate this day and time we live in.   
Why we Worship  Why do we worship? What is the meaning and purpose of our worship? Join us as we examine the act and purpose of worship. 
Why Jesus Came?   Why did God send His one and only Son to die on our behalf?  In this sermon series we explore the abundant life in Christ, our liberty in Christ,  our Savior, and our Light.  Learn why Jesus came for and died for us. 
Am I Saved?   How do you know if you are saved? In this sermon series we explore how the Scriptures show us evidences of salvation in our own lives. 
Growing in Christ  Every believer of Jesus needs to grow and mature in their relationship with Christ.  Just as a baby grows to an adult, our relationship with Jesus should mature as well. In this sermon series, we explore what it looks like to mature and grow in Christ.
Misused  Isn’t it so easy to just read our one verse devotion for the day and feel good about our Bible reading for the day?  If we just read one verse, we can make that verse mean just about whatever we want to.  Join us as we take some of the most commonly misused verses and add background, biblical context, and examine what the Bible as a whole has to say about those particular verses?  Want to see if your verse is on the list?  Check out this sermon series. 
The Parables of Jesus   In this sermon series we examine the parables that Jesus used in His teaching.  What are parables?  Parables are really just ordinary stories told in ways we can see what can’t see about God.  Are you interested in knowing more about these parables and how it relates to you?  If so, this is the series for you. 
What Matters Most  Join us as we study Scriptures that are important to God and learn why they should also be important to us. We will explore topics such as Holiness, God’s Name, giving,  obedience, prayer, and much more.  
A New Life  Why did Jesus have to die? Jesus died so that we could have new life through Christ!  That’s great new! …but wait, what’s that all about?  Join us as we find out about what this new life is all about, from a new mind and heart, to a new life and identity.  
The One Anothers    Christians have a new relationship with God and a new relationship with each other. It should be of no surprise that the New Testament is filled with commands on how we are to treat one another. This sermon series examines what Jesus has to say about how we treat others.  If you’ve ever  wanted to know what the Jesus has to say about what you should be doing for fellow believers, this is the perfect sermon to check out.