Do you have the heart to help others during that time of need? Want to learn more about becoming a Biblical Counselor? Here is Your opportunity


Counseling & Discipleship Training

“Biblical Counseling: Biblical Answers for the Problems of Life”

Biblical Counseling classes will give you confidence to help people who have issues in their lives. People have a need for Pastors and lay people to bring Biblical Counseling to our churches If you want your counsel to be more biblical, insightful, and helpful to the people you care about, consider participating in one of our offerings. We offer three options
 Basic introduction to Biblical Counseling Class– offered each semester 1-1/2 hours for 12 weeks. Introducing the student to just how God’s word is intended to lead us through life’s up and down journey. This is an overview class pumped full of information. We all know hurting people! The student will learn how God wants us to deal with such thing as anger, anxiety, guilt, depression, “How to change and grow, God’s way”, “What is His plan for my life”, etc  Cost $10.00 for materials. See Church Schedule (on going)
                                        Counseling and Discipleship Training Conference
Our 2019 Training Dates: 
This 40 hour+ training will be held over the following 4 alternating weekends, starting Friday 6-10 pm, Sat. 8- 5pm.
January 10th & 11th, January 24th & 25th, February 7th & 8th, February 21st & 22nd.
       Biblical counseling is intensive discipleship.  It is ministering the Word of God to people where they need it the most right now.  Everyone is a counselor to someone.  Spouses, parents, teachers, pastors, youth workers, church leaders, and health care professionals are regularly giving advice about a variety of subjects. The counseling ministry of FAITH Church is committed to the absolute sufficiency of the Word of God.  We believe that in the Bible God has provided us with real answers for the real problems people encounter in life. If a person came to you depressed, heavy with guilt, near a “breakdown,” anxious, fearful, full of bitterness, with marital problems, or overwhelmed with grief, would you know what to do according to God’s Word?  The goal of this training is to equip God’s people to be able to minister God’s Word to those in need.  This 40 hour+ training will be held over 4 alternating weekends, starting in January 2019 (Friday 6-10 pm, Sat. 8- 5pm) and would be considered as part of Phase I (the training phase) toward becoming a certified biblical counselor with the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors. We will be hosting the “Care & Discipleship” program as developed by The Institute for Biblical Counseling & Discipleship (IBCD) an ACBC Certified Training Center, with additional resources from our counseling center. Please note that ACBC recognizes training and curriculum from IBCD as meeting Phase 1 certification standards due to its status as a certified training center                         


                   Registration for the Counseling and Discipleship Class   

Cost: FAITH church members: Single——–$150.00         non member single——–$200.00                                         Couple——-$250.00                                        non member couple       $300.00                            ATTENTION IF PAYING ON LINE PLEASE ADD $5.00 TO THE COST FOR PAYMENT FEE               

This will include two work books, by Jim Newheiser, snacks and lunch on Saturday for the entire conference.

Teacher: Russ Weymouth 
To register for this event click here or call the church office for more information. (615)461-8021