Chris Rouse, Lead Pastor   

Born into a Southern Baptist pastor’s home, the church has always been a lifelong passion.I was saved and baptized at age seven and somehow, even at that early age, knew that God had a calling and a plan for my life in the church.At age 16, while still a junior in high school, I sensed God calling me into full-time music and worship ministry. Upon graduation I pursued HIS calling into college and seminary.Since then, in more than 20 years of music and worship ministry in the church, God has matured me in ways I could never have dreamed as a teenager. In 2011 my life changed dramatically. As a Worship Pastor for 11 years in TN, God graciously allowed me to step out of that position and pursue a frightening unknown… little did I know then what this would look like today. As God worked inside and outside of me and my circumstances, I realized that He was calling me out of my comfort zone and to fulfill all that He had been preparing for me as a Lead Pastor. More than that, He gave me my heart’s dream to begin a new work and to begin it with those who I loved so dearly and had been by my side for many years in ministry, AND to remain in the community that I already loved and knew. Praise the Lord! It was during that process that I realized that I was being pruned (Jn. 15). The testing from James 1 was shaping me into something much greater than I could have imagined. And then I knew, what had started in my mind 5 years as a distant thought, and 3 years ago as my heart’s dream, had now materialized into reality. My life today is a microcosm of James 1… joy in trial… perseverance in testing… watching and waiting while God matures and perfects my walk in Christ. Along the way, it is my desire to lead God’s people to a real and life-transforming encounter with HIM through praise and worship and the teaching of HIS Word. Scripture is saturated with “before” and “after” confrontations with GOD and I believe it is my life’s calling to help facilitate such meetings each week as God’s people gather together.

I am 46 yrs. young and honored to be the husband and soul-mate of Angela (married over 20 yrs), and the father of Alayna (18), Caleb (14), and Ava (8). I love all sports (watching and playing) and am a die-hard Kentucky Wildcat (NATIONAL CHAMPS and Dallas Cowboy (NATIONAL CHUMPS) fan. I love to read and watch movies (favorite movies: “Hunt for Red October” and “Braveheart”) and play outside with the kids.
 IMG_3593    Billy Fuqua, Youth and Children’s Pastor
Therefore if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away behold the new has come. 2 Corinthians 5:17 (ESV) Billy Fuqua’s life changed radically on August 28, 2008 early one morning after reporting to work. Jesus released the heavy weight carried by the bondage of sin and has sustained him since that day when he gave his heart to Christ. His testimony is that of a transformed man, father, and husband that happened in an instant and is a powerful witness for what the Lord can do. Since that time, God has placed great men of God in Billy’s path who have mentored and trained him spiritually. 
Billy has a passion to serve the Body of Christ. God has given him a heart and a gift of relating to and loving on the youth of our church. Billy’s sole mission with the CORE youth group at Faith Church is to teach them to love God, love His Word, and love each other. Naming our youth group was very purposeful. CORE means to commit ourselves to reach everyone. That is our goal here; to share Jesus and help believers grow in the Lord.  In addition to our students, Pastor Billy is the Faith Kidz Pastor.  He has a heart for children and the childlike spirit to match.  He has a fun-loving side that always draws the kids in!  Billy has years of experience interacting with kids and has definitely been blessed with the ability to teach a wide age range.  Outside of Church, Billy is a husband to wife Marsha of 18 years and father to three wonderful children; Erin 18, Ashlyn 13, and Cooper 7. Billy and Marsha enjoy watching Erin play basketball for Aaron Academy, keep up with Ashlyn’s crafting knack, and at the same time chasing after the lively Cooper. Billy has lived in Gallatin all 41 years of his life. Growing up playing sports in Gallatin, he has come to know a lot of people in this community. He has a love for all people and has never met a stranger.
IMG_2265       Russ Weymouth, Pastor of Biblical Counseling

Faith Biblical Counseling is under the direction of Pastor Russ Weymouth. Russ is a graduate of Winthrop University. He brings an extensive managerial background including VP of Human Resources for a major corporation and as a private business owner to the counseling ministry. After serving in numerous church roles; teacher, Sunday school leader, superintendent, deacon, and Chairman of the Deacon’s, Russ was called into the Biblical Counseling Ministry in 2006. He is certified counselor with the Association of Certified Counselors (ACBC) since 2009. And was Dir. of Biblical Counseling for 6 years before coming to FAITH Church. Additional graduate work in biblical counseling has been done through Faith Bible Seminary, Lafayette, IN.  Russ enjoys counseling, competiting in triathlon’s, reading and movies. Married to Barbara since forever, we have two cats “mrbuddy and gracie”. Possible new arrival would be an English Springer Spaniel, maybe!